COVID-19 GUIDELINES: Please read the following in preparation for your appointment.

If you are experiencing any symptoms similar to COVID-19, please contact our local public health team.

Public Health Ontario
Toll Free: 1-877-543-8931

Local Health Unit: HKPR District Health Unit
1-866-888-4577 x5020

Northumberland Hills Hospital COVID-19 Assessment Centre
Ambulatory Care Clinic – 1000 DePalma Drive, immediately inside the main front entrance. Individuals may also call the Assessment Centre directly during its 8 am to 8 pm operating hours to determine in advance if they are not sure if they should be assessed. The NHH COVID-19 Assessment Centre will screen patients, test (if deemed appropriate) and direct patients to proceed as required, 905-377-7783 (available between 8 am & 8 pm daily).

Step 1 – Fill out forms and email them or bring them to your visit.

Please complete and submit your COVID-19 Attestation before your appointment. The form is a fillable PDF, if you are unable to fill this form out on your device/computer, please bring this form filled out to your appointment.


Step 2 – Arrive on time and no usage of the waiting area

Please be advised that during COVID-19, our waiting room will not available for use. As such, we advise patients to arrive on time for their appointments. If you arrive early, we request that you stay in your vehicle until your appointment time. If you arrive late, your appointment may be cancelled depending on scheduling with your health care provider.

Step 3 – Respect physical distancing Before entering the vestibule, please respect physical distancing by checking that there is no one inside before opening the door.

If it is clear, please proceed inside and remove footwear if wet. We have placed disposable booties in the vestibule for your use, or you may wear socks. Please do not wear wet or dirty shoes in the clinic. Review the signage in the vestibule as it provides a summary of next steps as well as a passive screening. (If at the time of your appointment you feel unwell or are showing any signs illness or of COVID-19 we will postpone your appointment and ask you to call the local health unit instead and request a COVID-19 test.)

Step 4 – Disinfect hands, body temperature and screening Enter the reception area.

To your right, you will see a table with hand sanitizer and public health information. Once you have used the hand sanitizer, reception will take your temperature. You will be asked about your COVID screening form at each visit by reception staff. At each visit you must meet safety protocols, reception will then alert your healthcare provider that you are here for your appointment, and you will be directed to the treatment room. No patients with a fever will be permitted to have a treatment. Additionally, all the staff and healthcare providers will have their temperatures taken each day.

Step 5 – Your visit and payment Your healthcare provider may have further COVID-19 questions for you.

Once your appointment has wrapped up, we may advise that you to disinfect your hands if payment has to be processed via the debit machine. If possible direct billing from insurance providers is the best option. If this is not possible, we advise payment via debit and credit card. We routinely sanitize our Point of Sale Machines for the safety of patients and staff. We can also keep your credit card on file on our secure Electronic Medical Health Records system that we use for your billing.

Step 6 – Leaving the clinic Please check the vestibule to confirm that it is empty before leaving the clinic reception area.

If it is not clear, please wait and try to maintain physical distancing at all times so that the next patient can safely enter, utilize the sanitization station and step aside to allow you to exit. We thank you for your understanding as we comply with all the ministry of health guidelines. We appreciate everyone’s patience and assistance in managing entry and exiting protocol at the clinic during this time. Our goal is to keep everyone safe and well.

Thank you.